[lvs-users] LVS configuration using pirahna

Enno Gröper enno+lvs at groeper-berlin.de
Tue Mar 20 19:13:50 GMT 2012


Am 20.03.2012 13:15, schrieb Reet Vyas:
> I did that but still no luck I just want to know wat i am trying to
> configure is correct or not .. Can i access url from VIP as
> or not? this is the VIP of my lvs router and it is
> working with reasl server ..
Without knowledge about the client, we can't tell. In theory yes, it
should work (just looking at the lvs configuration).
For now I simply ignore your second NIC on the LVS node.
I think you have either a 1-NIC, 2 Network LVS-NAT [1] or a One Network
LVS-NAT [2]. But only you know that for sure.
In both cases the LVS configuration is correct, but you still need
tweaks for your network setup.
The problem with one-arm LVS nodes is ICMP redirects.
What happens, if you ping the client from one of your realservers?
Is there a redirect shown? (Don't know what this looks like on Windows.
But I assume, Windows ping shows such things, too)

If I'm wrong with my assumption:
What is your exact setup?
* IP of client
* routing table of LVS node



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