[lvs-users] Natting Issue

Reet Vyas reet.vyas28 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 11:54:57 BST 2012

thanks for replying. my network is as follows:

lvs has two nic etho and eth1 and my local is connect to eth1 and external
to eth0

eth0 : has external ip cause we are working for client and eth1 has n/w.

eth0:1 :122.166.133. xxx

eth 1:192.168.3.xxx
eth1:1 192.168.3.xxx

As you said no iptable rule why so and why gateway as eth1 instead of
eth1:1 .it is mentioned in documentation use VIP eth1:1 as gateway for real
servers. pls m confused .Can u pls explain??

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 3:54 PM, Enno Gröper <enno+lvs at groeper-berlin.de>wrote:

> Am 29.03.2012 10:34, schrieb Reet Vyas:
> > ok but as my packets are not gng to external n/w how to do this using
> > iptables?
> I have got a similar setup working without any custom iptables rules.
> If your real servers have as default gateway, everything
> should be fine.
> How do you know your "packets are not gng to external n/w"?
> Did you capture the ip traffic?
> What is your exact setup and network topology now?
> What are you exactly trying to do (connecting from which IP to which
> IP:Port, ...)?
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