[lvs-users] Natting Issue

Enno Gröper enno+lvs at groeper-berlin.de
Thu Mar 29 18:55:54 BST 2012


Am 29.03.2012 15:31, schrieb Reet Vyas:
> cause this is external ip of server eth0: and eth0:1 has
> (VIP) my ipvsadm -l -n
You should be able to reach your server from extern using the VIP.
It's simply an additional IP.

> TCP rr
> TCP rr
> TCP rr
>   ->               Masq    1      0          0
> TCP rr
This looks completely broken.
I suppose piranha has generated this. But I really don't know why.
I reckon piranha is configured wrong.

Is this the complete output?
There are 4 virtual services:

Only one (.138) has real servers configured.
Since you try to connect to and there is no LVS
service configured for this, it simply can't work.

If you let your client connect to, it should look like:
TCP rr
  ->             Masq    1      0          0
  ->             Masq    1      0          0

This configuration would distribute requests directed to to the services listening on port 5004 on the real
servers and
Of course you could configure the virtual service to listen on your VIP.
But then your client should try to connect to the VIP and not the
"external IP"! Both IPs are on the same net. They should work both.


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