[lvs-users] LVS and Nat question

gary.gardner at brokensoftware.com gary.gardner at brokensoftware.com
Fri Nov 9 08:29:58 GMT 2012

Ok I had to take a break from trying to configure Piranha so I could work
on other things. But now I am back to it.

Ok here's the problem.  The Piranha is successfully pinging the real
servers and I can see that in the http logs.

The Piranha side that is talking to the Internet doesn't seem to be
answering on Port 80.  The firewall ports are open for 3636, 80 and 539.

If I do a tcpdump for eth0, which is the front facing/internet side, I see
that I am getting traffic on that interface.

However, it doesn't appear that Piranha is doing anything with it.

What would you like me to attempt and what dump/log/trace should I send to
help troubleshoot?

I have tried using the Direct Method and the NAT method.  It just doesn't
seem to be listening on Port 80.

 netstat -an | grep 80
tcp        1      0          

> On 10/26/12 1:03 AM, gary.gardner at brokensoftware.com wrote:
>>> The VIP is an external IP that I can ping.  The real web servers are on
>>> a
>>> 192.168.0.xxx subnet.  The VIP machine has eth1 that is on the
>>> 192.168.0.xxx subnet and I can see the pulse getting to those servers.
>>> What I cannot get is anything responding on 80.  It's as if the
>>> firewall
>>> isn't letting traffic in or nothing is listening on 80.
> If you run tcpdump on your real servers, do they see any port 80
> traffic? Do they have the VIP configured on their loopback, or a
> iptables REDIRECT rule in place to handle the traffic?
> Do you see iptables or ipvsadm counters incrementing when you are
> connecting? Are you connecting from inside or outside network?
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