[lvs-users] LVS-NAT issue with bnx2 (Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5709)

daryl herzmann akrherz at iastate.edu
Mon Sep 10 14:26:22 BST 2012


I've been a happy LVS-NAT user for many years now.  I am hoping to migrate 
to newer hardware, but have been having issues getting LVS-NAT to work 
with a Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5709 card.  The symptom is very poor 
network performance.  Traffic is able to pass through the NAT, but it is 
brutally slow.  Google is my friend and I found this:


The last suggestion is to use an EEPro1000 and that is what I have been 
doing for these past years and haven't seen any issues.

Unfortunately, my newer hardware has a broadcom, so I have been attempting 
to make it work again.  I have a situation were I can actively test this 
issue and attempt to get to the root of the problem if anybody here is 

I am using stock RHEL6.3 64bit, Dell PowerEdge R510 with all firmware/BIOS 
updates applied.

I tried the disable_msi=1 module option to bnx2 and that did not help.

I fired up wireshark on my laptop while attempting to reach the IPVS 
cluster and get tons of:

   Reassembled PDU in frame: 1969
   TCP Retransmission [TCP Segment of a reassembled PDU]

Any ideas?  Or I should just save the trouble and purchase a EEPro for the 
machine? :)

thank you,

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