[lvs-users] director and real servers on different subnets

Marcin Niskiew nichuspam at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:08:55 BST 2012

Hi everyone!

I want to test solution that LVS director and real servers are on different
Due to Centos docs:
there is written that I can use Direct routing or NAT ...
on direct routing everything has to be connect on same physical network
so there's NAT
I also read about IP Tunneling - but it's not mentioned on Centos docs
(it's not supported?)

So the picture:

            Director      physical IP;
            ======== VIP:
              router1     IP:
              router2       IP
   |                                         |
=====                           =======
real server1                    real server1
=====                           =======
physical IP       

So is it possible to do that?
If more details needed let me know...

Thanks for any response


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