[lvs-users] How ldirectord polls real servers

Guglielmo Abbruzzese g.abbruzzese at resi.it
Tue Apr 23 16:42:20 BST 2013

as far as you know where can I find a detailed  description/documentation
about how ldirectord polls the realservers in order to realize if the node
should be actually removed from the cluster?

For sure, " ldirectord monitors the health of the real servers by
periodically requesting a known URL and checking that the response contains
an expected response. If a real server fails then the server is removed and
will be reactivated once it comes back on line.".

But what if the real servers implement a custom tcp or udp service? 
In case of a tcp persistent connection, what if there is no data flow for a
while (shall I rely just on the 'persistent' timeout)?
And what about a cistom udp server?

Is there a way to use tcpdump in order to detect such evidence?

Thanks in advance for your advice,

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