[lvs-users] Using ipvs NAT + SNAT to create clusters...

Ivan Havlicek ivan at modulix.org
Thu Apr 25 15:58:38 BST 2013


It is now more than a year that I use with satifaction system IPVS load
balancing in a collaborative cluster. I am now working on the
administration user
interface of this system. Those who are interested to collaborate on this
project are welcome. I invite you to visit the prototype and demo I publish
on cloud-ghoster.net (sorry for now only in french).
In short, this system is intended to eventually replace and do even better
;-) a VMWare ESX server with only free apps:
GNU/Linux, LVM, iptables, libvirtd, vnc, tinc, collectd, djbdns, apache,
django, zabbix...

Obviously IPVS is the backbone of this system.

I am at your disposal to give you more info on how it works if you like,
thank you for taking the time to read this.
                                                               Ivan Havlicek

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