[lvs-users] Reg. LVS DR with VIP

Julian Anastasov ja at ssi.bg
Thu Dec 5 09:25:06 GMT 2013


On Thu, 5 Dec 2013, ESWAR RAO wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a machine where the LVS runs with a VIP on eth0 and the 2  real
> backend servers have the same VIP in lo:0 interface. I have added
> arp_announce and arp_ignore in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/*
> In the 3 node setup, whenever the LVS node fails , the LVS migrates to any
> one of the real nodes. But the VIP is also configured on the lo:0 interface.
> Does it pose any problem to have same VIP on both eth0:0 and lo:0
> interfaces???

	IMHO, it should work, as long as 'arping VIP'
from another box shows MAC(s) only from current director.
I don't remember for a problem when same IP is added
multiple times.


Julian Anastasov <ja at ssi.bg>

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