[lvs-users] local forwarding method not working

"Matías E. Fernández" matias.fernandez at nine.ch
Fri Dec 13 15:38:56 GMT 2013

Dear Léon

On 2013-12-13, at 14:25, L.S. Keijser <leon at linux.nl> wrote:
> I experienced this as well a couple of weeks ago. Solution/workaround
> was to use LVS-NAT for a sorry server where I just put the address on
> the loopback interface and have apache listen on it. 

Thank your for the input. Your workaround works with Keepalived too.

However, I would like to know wether the behaviour was changed on
purpose either in LVS or other parts of the Kernel or if it is
a regression or bug. In the first case the documentation should
be updated and Keepalived adapted, in the second I'd like to file 
a bug report.


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