[lvs-users] local forwarding method not working

"Matías E. Fernández" matias.fernandez at nine.ch
Mon Dec 23 10:30:29 GMT 2013

Dear lvs-user

A colleague pointed out, that I had forgotten to reply to the
group. I'm forwarding my reply to Julian below.

I will try sending a patch for the man page of ipvsadm to Simon Horman
an contact the guys from Keepalived for possible solutions/workarounds.


On 2013-12-17, at 11:08, Matías E. Fernández <matias.fernandez at nine.ch> wrote:

> Dear Julian
>> commit fc604767613b6d2036cdc35b660bc39451040a47
>> Author: Julian Anastasov <ja at ssi.bg>
>> Date:   Sun Oct 17 16:38:15 2010 +0300
> Thank you for the hint. This means that the corresponding passage
> in the man page should be removed, shouldn't it? Should I send a
> patch? To whom?
>> 	My understanding is that Local method just
>> passed the packet to the local server listening on VIP, without
>> modification. The same is done by Route method.
> I can confirm that using the "Route" method with ipvsadm directly
> works as expected.
>> But I still
>> don't understand what actually breaks in Keepalived. OTOH, if
>> NAT method is used, the destination address/port in packet
>> is modified to match the real server. In such case the
>> local server listens on RIP:RPORT, not on VIP:VPORT.
> The problem with keepalived ist that lb_kind is used for all real_server
> and sorry_server in virtual_server. This means that if you configure
> lb_kind to NAT, the same forwarding method will be used for a a sorry_server
> that happens to be on the local node.
> In earlier versions this use to work, because the forwarding method of "Local"
> was set regardless of what may have been specified.
> For me it looks like the man page of ipvsadm should be corrected, and
> keepalived adapted to the new behaviour of ipvsadm.
> Thank you for the help.
> Regards
> Matías

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