[lvs-users] IPv6 broken in 3.9 kernel? (UNCLASSIFIED)

Julian Anastasov ja at ssi.bg
Wed Jun 19 21:16:43 BST 2013


On Wed, 19 Jun 2013, Kash, Howard M CIV (US) wrote:

> Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
> Caveats: NONE
> It appears to be an IPv6 routing issue rather than an IPVS issue.  With the 3.8.8 kernel, the following routes to the real servers appear automatically in the routing table:
> 2001:x:x:x::30/128  2001:x:x:x::30 UC 0  694882451  2 bond0
> 2001:x:x:x::40/128  2001:x:x:x::40 UC 0  695098682  2 bond0
> 2001:x:x:x::50/128  2001:x:x:x::50 UC 0  870214     2 bond0
> With the 3.9.3 kernel these route do not appear, and attempts to send DNS queries to the real server from the load balancer give "no route to host" errors.  Manually adding routes fixes the issue:
> route -A inet6 add 2001:x:x:x::30/128 gw 2001:x:x:x::30 dev bond0
> route -A inet6 add 2001:x:x:x::40/128 gw 2001:x:x:x::40 dev bond0
> route -A inet6 add 2001:x:x:x::50/128 gw 2001:x:x:x::50 dev bond0
> This seems like a kludge, but I haven't figured out what the root cause of the issue is.

	Thanks for the explanation. I don't know IPv6 well
enough to comment...


Julian Anastasov <ja at ssi.bg>

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