[lvs-users] 200K to 400K Http requests per second

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Thu Mar 7 19:17:38 GMT 2013

I am doing 500k packets per second in each direction which is in the same 
kind of order you are looking for.

I am running this through a Dell r710 with two Intel X520-DA2 NICs, giving 
me four 10Gb ports, 2 external and 2 internal. Each pair of ports is 
configured in an active-passive bond. I am passing the return traffic 
through the load balancer and doing firewalling as well as load balancing. 
The r710 has the top CPUs Intel offered at the time (3.3GHz? 6 cores + HT 
per socket for 24 core total). I am seeing the businest core at 50% with 
this workload so there is more capacity there.

I have some r720s with the top 8 core CPUs (2.9GHz?) which are looking 
much better for the job, but I haven't switched the main load in any DC to 
an r720 yet so this is based on how they handle 100-200kpps.

In the past I split the firewalling to a box in front of a pure load 
balancer (without iptables modules loaded) and I saw the load split evenly 
across the two servers, so if you don't need firewalling it should go even 
faster. With firewalling I find CPU load drops significanly with IPVS-NFCT 
turned on.


On Thu, 7 Mar 2013, Rinaldo Digiorgio wrote:

> Hi,
> I am new to this alias. I have been looking at various load balancer configurations, Zeus, HA Proxy, Balance/NG and AWS to determine if there is some solution that gives me 400K small requests per second say a get of an index page with the possibility of routing the response directly to the user.  Has anyone come close with some of the faster Linux boxes with 10GE cards?  I can get 100K requests with HA proxy and was unable to get Balance/NG configured, it has a very odd configuration file where they reverse the meanings of words and expect users to be able to deal with it.  I guess I am just asking for any numbers that anyone can share on what rates they have achieved.
> Thanks for the time.
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