[lvs-users] Source hash & Consistent hashing?

Sargun Dhillon sargun at sargun.me
Fri Mar 15 01:20:27 GMT 2013

So, I'm looking at deploying an IPVS cluster. I'd like to deploy it in a
way where I have some level of HA. Fortunately, my application fits fairly
well into the source hash scheduler. From my understanding, I don't need to
run the ipvs synchronization daemon across nodes.

The only scenario that I'm not sure of, is what happens if a load balancer
fails over at the same time as a backend/real server failing, and therefore
getting its weight marked at 0? Does the source hash scheduler utilize
consistent hashing, or still include the weighted 0 server in the
calculation? Or do I still need to do IPVS synchronization in order to
allow for simultaneous load balancer, and backend failure?

Additionally, I've noticed that someone has released a consistent hashing
scheduler, here: https://github.com/dsheng/ip_vs_ch
Has anyone used this scheduler, and would you potentially roll this into
the main release?

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