[lvs-users] Using LVS as aggregator for a distributed client

ittium ittium at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 13:04:59 GMT 2013

Hi Guys,
I have a distributed client application. That needs to expose same IP to
the  outside world.
I want to solve this problem using LVS. Here
-Real server will be real client
-load balancer will act like virtual aggregator

As in normal case real client will not respond to ARP.
Assuming TCP connection, real client will send SYN request to the virtual
aggregator. Virtual aggregation will record the connection info and send
the request to outside network. For rest of the connection life, request
will go directly (including syn-ack and ack) to server and responses will
be intercepted by aggregator and sent to actual real server.

I see following problem
Two real client may choose same port for new connection, which will make
connection determination impossible at aggregator. I am trying to solve the
problem by assigning port ranges to the real client.

Following are my questions
1. Is this configuration possible (aggregator recording the connection when
it receives SYN from real client
2. Is their a better way to solve this problem.

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