[lvs-users] Problem with building cluster with servers in different networks

Horst Venzke-Fa Remsnet Ltd support at remsnet.de
Wed May 8 11:36:48 BST 2013

   Hello Alex,

   From your ldirectord.conf :

   Simply to LVS-TUN Guide (i.e
   http://www.austintek.com/LVS/LVS-HOWTO/HOWTO/LVS-HOWTO.LVS-Tun.html) :
   The VIP at tunl0 must be the same as at ldirectord.conf "virtual"
    tunl0  must set to non-arping i.e at sysctl.conf

   Regulary  LVS  setup  shuld be anyway 4 systems not 3  -   2 LVS and 2
   realservers to not confuse the LVS and kernel  and its Routing.
   The LVS systems can bee  smal systems like an  i386 .

   To build an LVS Cluster with your env   use corosync / pacemakerfor for
   failover ldirectord.
   see http://clusterlabs.org/wiki/Using_ldirectord

   pps  :  the usage of rfc1912 addresses at VIP  may failed to no direct
   internet routing  of rfc1912 :-) on Extranets
   Hope this helps :-)

   Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards
   Horst Venzke ; PGP NET : 1024G/082F2E6D ; http://www.remsnet.de
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