[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived 1.2.9

Alexandre Cassen acassen at freebox.fr
Sun Nov 10 14:10:23 GMT 2013

Hi folks,

Well, sunday dutty on a raining day ! :) I just pushed a new release 
extending and fixing some pending issues. Please read the changelog for 
credits ! and thanks to contributors for their work.

ChangeLog for this release is :

2013-11-10  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen at linux-vs.org>
         * keepalived-1.2.9 released.
         * Alexey Andriyanov fixed inaccuracy in VS_ISEQ macro.
         * Alexey Andriyanov fixed hysteresis which could be >= quorum now.
         * Alexey Andriyanov extended checker framework so that status_code
           and digest can be set together.
         * Alexey Andriyanov extended/fixed checker framework for better
           SIGHUP support.
         * Jonas Johansson fixed VRRP sync group by sending prio 0 when
           entering FAULT state. This fix will send prio 0 (VRRP_PRIO_STOP)
           when the VRRP router transists from MASTER to FAULT state. This
           will make a sync group leave the MASTER state more quickly by
           notifying the backup router(s) instead of having them to wait
           for time out.
         * Jonas Johansson extended VRRP VMAC interface flags (up/down
           status) to follow base interface. When using a VMAC interface,
           this fix will reflect the base interface flags, i.e. up/down
           status, to the VMAC interface. This is useful when using sync
           groups (in combination with VMAC) and a link for one of the
           members in the MASTER sync group goes down. Before this fix,
           this member will not detect the link fault, due to that the
           VMAC interface always is UP regardless of the actual status of
           the base interface, and the sync group will continue to be
           MASTER as if nothing has happend. This fix will however reflect
           the status of the base interface onto the VMAC interface, so if
           the link goes down the member will transit to FAULT state, which
           will make the sync group transit to BACKUP state.
         * Jonas Johansson fixed VRRP wrong interface flags corner case.
           If a link event arrives between the initial scanning for
           interfaces and configuration file parsing, the VRRP instance
           will enter an unrecoverable state. This fix will update the
           interface flags even when the interface exists, not only for
           the inital scan.  Note that when all is up and running the link
           events will be properly handled by netlink, so this fix only
           fixes the special case when a link changes state during
         * Jonas Johansson fixed VRRP to honor preempt_delay setting on
           startup. If the preempt_delay is set we cannot yet transition
           to master state. We must await the timeout of our preempt_delay.
           The preemption delay is used when starting up, or rebooting, a
           node which needs time to sort out its routing table (e.g., BGP
           or OSPF) before it can assume the master role.
         * Jonas Johansson extended VRRP code for faster sync group
         * Jonas Johansson replaced popt with getopt. In a embedded
           environment you might not want to have to add yet another
           library dependency. This commit refactors parse_cmdline() to
           use getopt_long() instead och popt.
         * EyckWigo proposed to increase defaut socket buf size to handle
           env with lot of IP addresses, Default is now set to 64K on
           netlink socket.
         * Guðmundur Bjarni Ólafsson fixed VRRP unicast code to allow
           packet to be routed !
         * Guðmundur Bjarni Ólafsson fixed VRRP checksum before
           computation. When running in unicast mode with multiple peers,
           the checksum was being calculated into itself for consequent
           peers, causing incorrect checksums.
         * Extended VRRP framework tweaking IPv6 VIP install by disabling
           DAD algo and setting deprecated.
           Lot of discussions have been made around those 2 topics. First
           idea and initial patch where provided by Leo Baltus. This patch
           fix the use case where VRRP VIPv6 are used in conjonction of
           IPVS healthchecking. If deprecated flag is not set (which is
           the default linux behaviour), then VRRP VIP can be used as
           source address of healthcheking packet. Since this VIP address
           is also present, in most use-cases, on realserver directly so
           return packets never reach the healthchecker and hence no
           realserver was injected in IPVS table. At the same time, I
           decided to merge Tore Anderson  suggestion of disabling
           Duplicate Address Detection algorithm. Tore's arguments
           are nice ! Thanks Tore : Using the nodad flag has the following
           1) The address becomes immediately usable after they're
           2) In the case of a temporary layer-2 / split-brain problem we
              can avoid that the active VIP transitions into the dadfailed
              phase and stays there forever - leaving us without service.
              HA/VRRP setups have their own "DAD"-like functionality, so
              it's not really needed from the IPv6 stack.

           Acknowledgements to Mark Schouten and Frank Baalbergen for
           pushing me by testing this features !


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