[lvs-users] Problem with LVS and IPV6 DR

Mark Brooks mark at loadbalancer.org
Mon Oct 14 14:32:21 BST 2013

Hi All - We are having a problem with IPV6 DR, I seem unable to get it to work
using the latest kernels. So far I have tried 3.9.7,3.10.14 and 3.11.4
and all appear to produce the same results I see SYN_RECV in the
connection table for all connections from my test client. Looking at
packet captures from our appliance it looks like the packet is not
getting forwarded. You can see SYN packet come in from the client
making the request but no data is forwarded to the real server. Using
the same server and the same configuration all I do is reboot to
switch between the kernels It works straight away on 2.6.35. My
configuration is as follows -

APPLIANCE CONFIG ---------------------------------

loadbalancer eth0 - fde6:d14c:3089::6061/123 scope global
loadbalancer eth0 vip - fde6:d14c:3089::6063/123 scope global

ipvsadm config - IP Virtual Server version 1.2.1 (size=32768)
Prot LocalAddress:Port Scheduler Flags
  -> RemoteAddress:Port           Forward Weight ActiveConn InActConn
TCP  [fde6:d14c:3089::6063]:80 wlc
  -> [fde6:d14c:3089::6070]:80    Route   100    0          0
  -> [fde6:d14c:3089::6071]:80    Route   100    0          0


Real server 1 -
eth1 - inet6 fde6:d14c:3089::6070/123 scope global
lo - inet6 fde6:d14c:3089::6063/128 scope global

Real server 2 -
eth1 - inet6 fde6:d14c:3089::6071/123 scope global
lo - inet6 fde6:d14c:3089::6063/128 scope global



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