[lvs-users] Connection Synchronisation for HA

M.Rajender rajender at visolve.com
Mon Dec 8 10:09:39 GMT 2014

Hello All,

I have two Linux servers configured for High availability using 
Heartbeat and everything is working fine.
But few of our applications use RPC calls for communication, which is a 
state-ful connection. So when the fail-over happens we need to 
re-connect the application since the connection gets terminated.

While checking the internet, I found that *ipvsadm* does Connection 
Synchronisation between the servers.
This feature is wonderful; When a stand-by server becomes the active, it 
will have all the information about the currently active connections and 
will be able to continue to process the requests.

My goal is not achieving Linux Virtual Server and want to achieve HA for 
state-full connection.
Please let me know whether the above will be possible using the LVS and 
if possible, then can you provide me some tutorial (or) configuration 
steps to achieve the same.

Thanks in advance.


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