[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] Keepalived-1.2.10

Alexandre Cassen acassen at freebox.fr
Fri Jan 3 10:29:11 GMT 2014

Hi folks,

This one for happy new year. I merged pending patches and 
extended/cleaned up some part of the code.

I would like to thanks contributors !

Following ChangeLog for this release:

2014-01-02  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen at linux-vs.org>
         * keepalived-1.2.10 released.
         * Jonas Johansson removed unused option character in getopt
         * vrrp: disable TTL sanity check for unicast use-case.
           In order to protect against any packet injection, VRRP
           provides sanity check over IP header TTL. This TTL MUST be
           equal to 255 and means both sender and receiver are attached
           on the same ethernet segment. Now with unicast extension this
           protection MUST be disabled since VRRP adverts will mostly
           traverse different network segments.
           !!! WARNING !!! When using VRRP in unicast use-case in order
           to protect against any packet injection the best practice is
           to use IPSEC-AH auth method otherwise you are exposed to
           potential attackers !
         * Christian Albrecht fixed minor typo in man page
         * Pim van den Berg work on libipvs-2.6 to sync with libipvs from
           ipvsadm 1.27
         * Pim van den Berg work add support to libnk >= 3. This address
           following considerations :
         * Pim van den Berg extended libipvs adding nlerr2syserr function
           to translate libnl 3 errors to sys errors. In libnl 3 the
           return codes have changed. nlerr2syserr translates the libnl
           3 errors to sys errors.
         * ipvs: if libnl-3 is installed then check for libnl-gen-3. It
           is mandatory to use generic netlink facilities in new
           libipvs. This test is just here to ensure every needed libs
           are installed !
         * Frank Baalbergen (I suppose github frankbb is you ?) fix
           http checker. literal ipv6 addresses should be enclosed by
         * vrrp: Frank Baalbergen add check on IFA_F_NODAD support.
         * vrrp: fix unicast handling address selection. SjonHortensius
           reported issue while testing unicast_peer. It wouldn't work
           without adding the native_ipv6 flag. Removed this dependency !
           since it not correlated with VRRP protocol version used.
         * vrrp: extend ip parser to support default and default6.
           When you are using virtual_routes you may want to use default
           or default6 while configuring routes. Extended parser
           accordingly !
         * vrrp: take care of label while comparing IP addresses.
           Label was not taken into account while comparing 2 IP
           addresses, this can lead to a non deletion while stopping
           daemon and some configuration changes have been done while
           deamon running. This issue was reported by Stepan Rogov.
         * vrrp: fix/extend gratuitous ARP handling.
           multiple people reported issues where MASTER didnt recover
           properly after outage due to no gratuitous ARP sent. VRRP
           is a protocol designed to be used between node plugged on
           the same layer2 in order to guarantee link failure is directly
           linked to a protocol FSM handling (FAULT transition). With
           current virtualization env quite every think can be
           virtualized from host (VM) to network (vswitch). In some
           cases those virtualized env offer a virtualized layer2 on
           which VRRP is plugged and sometime forwarding or routing over
           this virtual path can be broken.
           I extended gratuitous ARP handling in 2 ways :
           1) When a MASTER receive a higher prio advert it sends a last
              advert before transiting to BACKUP state. The immediate
              effect at remote MASTER side is to sollicite a gratuitous
              ARP broadcast.
           2) Add an optional support to periodic gratuitous ARP sending
              while in MASTER state. By default it is disabled but one
              can activate this feature by configuring keyword
              "garp_master_refresh" in seconds in vrrp_instance block
              (refer to keepalived.conf.SYNOPSIS).
         * Frank Baalbergen fixed genhash. genhash can throw a
           segmentation fault when not providing an argument
         * Frank Baalbergen extended genhash code to support IPv6
         * Frank Baalbergen extended genhash code to make url default
           value /, same as curl/wget
         * Frank Baalbergen extended genhash code to only use default
           url when url is empty
         * vrrp: Create configuration alias for unicast_src_ip keyword.
           Add a new keyword more generic to specify VRRP packet source
           IP address. This new keyword is "unicast_src_ip" and have
           exactly the same scope as "mcast_src_ip".
         * vrrp: unicast_peer addresses and VRRP instance MUST be of
           the same family. VRRP low-level framework create socket
           pool based on VRRP instance family. If you are using
           unicast_peer, it is mandatory to use addresses of same family
           as VRRP instance. You cant mix IPv4 and IPv6 addresses inside
           same unicast_peer block.  If you need to make it that way, you
           MUST create a VRRP instance per family, eg: one with
           native_ipv6 for v6 unicast_peer and another for v4
         * vrrp: extended unicast code to support IPv6 unicast_src_ip.
           Add support to unicast IPv6 address for
           {unicast,mcast}_src_ip keyword. vrrp instance saddr is now a
           sockaddr_storage and src IPv6 address is set using cmsg
           ancillary data pktinfo. TSource IP address selection is now
           generic and can be IPv4 or IPv6.
         * vrrp: fix vrrp socket sync while leaving FAULT state.
           Well, this is a very, VERY old bug here. while leaving FAULT
           state VRRP framework refresh instance socket fd_in & fd_out
           and synchronize all VRRP instance bound to the same socket.
           The patch refresh socket, it also refresh fd hashing ! which
           better for later fault handling :)
         * vrrp: Frank Baalbergen fix log-facility handling. log-facility
           should be a required_argument
         * vrrp: Support xmit VRRP packets from base VMAC interface.
           Here is a merge of patch from Oliver Smith. Thanks for your
           job and idea in here Oliver. Comments from Olivier :

           This provides a new option to use in conjunction with the VMAC
           functionality which will result in VRRP advertisements being
           sent and received over the underlying interface (and therefore
           having the source MAC of that interface rather than the VMAC

           With this new functionality enabled, VRRP messages will not
           affect the switch MAC address table since the non-unique VMAC
           address is now used only for sending a gratuitous ARP, thereby
           ensuring that in conditions of VRRP message loss, a probing
           partner will not inadvertently take over traffic.

           This also resolves issues where VRRP messages are not
           successfully being seen on the VMAC interface as with the
           new option, the underlying interface is also used to listen
           out for VRRP messages.
         * getopt: Make some arguments required
         * vrrp: Frank Baalbergen add default case in getopt_long.
           when starting keepalived with an option without an argument
           that requires an argument keepalived should not be started.
         * vrrp: VMAC code cleanup and extensions.
           Remastered VMAC code. Interface base_ifindex is set by default
           to interface ifindex during netlink probe. VMAC interface
           base_ifindex is now set during VMAC allocation uppon success
           interface creation. Detect if virtual_router_id is declared
           after use_mvac keyword is invoked. Add some more log while
           setting up and removing VMAC interface.
         * vrrp: IPv4 & IPv6 multicast group tweaking.
           Meno Abels extended vrrp framework to support customized
           multicast addresses. The address could be set for ipv4 and
           ipv6 in the global_defs config section using the keywords
           vrrp_mcast_group4 and vrrp_mcast_group6.

           There are some stupid switches which does a special processing
           to multicast packets which causes packets drop
           from queue overflows in environments which creates 100 and
           more multicast control plane packets a second.


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