[lvs-users] the network structure of DR mode ?

Horst Venzke-Fa Remsnet Ltd support at remsnet.de
Fri Jan 3 16:33:56 GMT 2014

Dear Hatt Tom,

I may assume you compare  other Comercial like Brocade ADX series  with Linux LVS DR Mode.
Older Brocade ADX series  work allmost equal to Linux LVS NAT.
I had an  new Brocade 2k  ADX cluster in my hands end last year , 
they still require an "transfer network(natting  the realservers)" when streched accross Datacenters.

Thus - Linux LVS Directors are not equal  as Brocade Directors.

At Linux LVS NAT  the Realserver access public network  through/from lvs director witch cause also creating BIG Network Load on lvs director .
Thus for that the sizing of Linux LVS NAT Directors will be Big  system resources.

At LVS DR  only handel the packet redirect managment, NO NATTING , NOT beeing default router for realservers,
and most Impressive :  cause NOT creating big network Load on lvs director .

LVS DR in that way the Most impressive Steaming Tech :
With an smal ( Thin ) Linux DR LB systems < 512MB  ram you can Overload an Public +1G line without near ZERO CPU load on the LB , but busy Realservers ;-) . 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

Horst Venzke ; PGP NET : 1024G/082F2E6D ;  http://www.remsnet.de

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> Yes, in fact it usually has to (director is not usually the gateway in DR mode).
> On 3 January 2014 14:07, Hatt Tom <net.study.sea at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>
> >> Regulary  with LVS DR ..  LB´s and Realservers been connected to the SAME Network using the same  network( layer 2/3 )switch(s).
> >
> > does this mean that realserver can access public network not through
> > lvs director ?
> >
> >
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