[lvs-users] IPv6 loadbalancer and source addr selection

Ferenc Wagner wferi at niif.hu
Thu Jan 9 11:32:41 GMT 2014

Anders Henke <anders.henke at 1und1.de> writes:

> On 08.01.2014, Michael Schwartzkopff wrote:
>> I want to set up a IPv6 load balancer in direct routing mode. So I configure a
>> IPv6 address an my loadbalancer and the same IPv6 addr on the lo interface of
>> the real servers.
>> No to the problem:
>> Since the IPv6 is the last IPv6 address configured on the interface in that
>> subnet the loadbalancer uses this IPv6 addr to communicate with the real
>> server. The real server answers to the IPv6 addr on the lo interface and to
>> communication is possible.
>> So no connection from the loadbalancer to the real server is possible.
>> I found a solution via the ip -6 addlabel (see RFC 6724). No I am wondering if
>> the is a more simle solution. Any hints? Thanks.
> There are multiple ways to achieve this. [...]

Besides the very insightful stuff I elided above, what about adding a
local route for the VIP instead of adding the address?  Of course that
works only if the VIP traffic is routed to the address of your load
balancer (ie. you don't need neighbor discovery), but this way you can
handle full IPv6 subnets as well.

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