[lvs-users] Port mapping with LVS-DR using fwmark

Julian Anastasov ja at ssi.bg
Sat Jan 18 08:44:06 GMT 2014


On Fri, 17 Jan 2014, Jacoby Hickerson wrote:

> Thanks Julian!  After enabling CONFIG_IP_VS_NFCT and setting conntrack to 1
> that resolved the problem.  
> However, how leery should I be with it consuming memory?  Is there a test to
> monitor this consumption?  Currently the nf_conntrack_max is set to the
> default: 65536

	cat /proc/slabinfo | grep nf_conntrack
or 'slabtop' can show the object size used by conntracks.
It should be 240+ bytes. You can expect one conntrack per
IPVS connection. You can also see conntracks with
cat /proc/net/nf_conntrack | less

	cat /proc/sys/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_count shows
the current number of conntracks. You can look for 'count'
at __nf_conntrack_alloc() and nf_conntrack_free() to see
how it is implemented.


Julian Anastasov <ja at ssi.bg>

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