[lvs-users] udp sessions

sangdrax8 sangdrax8 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 12:48:52 BST 2014

I have been testing an LVS setup on Ubuntu 12.04, and have it mostly
working.  I am trying to balance UDP sessions.  Currently my setup works,
but it assumes all packets from a single source IP address and different
source ports are the same session.  If I make two connections from
different source IP's, everything works great.  Is there a setting or
something I am missing which will make the UDP sessions be based on both
source IP and source port?


connection 1:
connection 2:
connection 3:

With these three connections, connection 1 and 2 will be seen as the same
session and sent to the same real server, while connection 3 will be seen
as new and sent to the appropriate real server based on the scheduling
algorithm.  I would really like to be able to use LC scheduling, and have
all three of these go to three different real servers.

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