[lvs-users] requests to the VIP are forwarded to the wrong real servers

Свинцов Анатолий asvintsov at rutube.ru
Tue Oct 13 11:16:54 BST 2015

Hello. Weare facinga problem.Atany timeIpvsbegins to forwardrequests to 
a singleVIPon thereal-serversbehindanotherVIP.Noticed a patternthat this 
happensafter the updatequorum. VIPrequestswhichwill be forwardedto 
realserverforanotherVIPwhowill be thelast time I converteda quorum.Until 
wefixthis problemby deleting\addingproblem 
VIPfromkeepalivedconfigurationand restarts the process. 
v1.2.19keepalived, ipvsadmv1.28

С уважением,
Свинцов Анатолий
Сетевой инженер
моб: +7 (925) 882-57-35
тел.: +7 (495) 780-60-35, доб. 346
e-mail:asvintsov at rutube.ru

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