[lvs-users] Using LVS for load balance gateway/router

Дмитрий Сбойчаков sboichakov at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 14:40:55 BST 2016

Thanks for advice Michael!
But after research this technology, I have decided that it is not suitable for
our problem.

PBR is suitable for static (24/7) routers with 2 ISP canals, but it is not
We have two different (in one network) routers, and they should work
But everyone else in network do not have to know that there are two. We use
VRRP protocol to highlight the master router.
And Virtual IP address of master router is default gateway ip for all
So I need a traffic load-balancer (with connection persistence) on master,
which should divides input traffic to slave-nodes.
So I need to use LVS, but I can`t understand why fwmarked traffic not going
to LVS-Balancer.
If I understand this situation It happen because traffic should be send to
this device directly, instead of forwarding.
Can anyone help with that problem?
Maybe I need some patches for ip_vs module? Are there developers? Get the
right direction, please

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