[lvs-users] Multiple LVS manage same real server

linbo liao llbgurs at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 08:54:58 BST 2016


Will two LVS manage same real server work fine?

Here are the details:

LVS Cluster one:
1.  localnode, for example box1 and box2 works as director and real server
2.  use Piranha to manage LVS1

Now I want add another LVS Cluster , load balance the apps running on box1
and box2.  All things work at same subnet.

​Now box1 and box2 will act 3 roles
1. lvs1's real server
2. lvs1's director
3. lvs2's real server

Virtual IP2  add in rs1/rs2's loopback interface.

Does this setup work? Anything should I take care?
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