[lvs-users] FTP data port connection not closing?

Owain Jones Owain at 4ColourDigital.com
Thu Aug 24 12:39:59 BST 2017

On 24/08/2017 12:14, Julian Anastasov wrote:

> 	ARP filtering settings should be ok. They should not be a
> reason connection to stop every time just before the end of file.
> May be you can check for checksum errors, the -v in tcpdump -lnnnv
> should report if real server receives corrupted packets from
> real server. Sometimes bad-csum is reported for transmitted
> packets, eg. when their checksum is to-be-calculated by chip.
> This should be ignored. So, just make sure the packets received in
> director (by client) and real server (by director) have valid csum.
Okay, I used tcpdump with -v, filtering on the VIP in the passive port 
range (20000-21000).

On the director, all the packets have correct checksums.

But, on the realserver, from the VIP to the router IP, the checksums are 
all coming up as incorrect.

What does this mean?


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