[lvs-users] FTP data port connection not closing?

Owain Jones Owain at 4ColourDigital.com
Thu Aug 24 13:44:44 BST 2017

As an addendum, I just used "ethtool" in order to turn off NIC-based 
checksumming on the bonded interface and then tried tcpdump again on the 
FTP real server. This time, all the checksums came back as "correct".

So the checksums are correct. I was suspicious that all of the outgoing 
packets had bad checksums - particularly seeing as port 21 also had 
this, yet the FTP commands besides uploading work fine - so I thought 
I'd remove the possibility of it being NIC-based checksumming causing it 
and see if there's any packets left as "incorrect" afterwards ("grep 

There isn't. All the checksums are fine.


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