[lvs-users] FTP data port connection not closing?

Owain Jones Owain at 4ColourDigital.com
Tue Aug 29 14:47:37 BST 2017

Okay, now we're getting somewhere interesting.

Looking at the pure-ftpd verbose log, it shows a connection from (the router). Then logs in - so it's 
user at - and it issues a few commands - "opts", "pbsz", 
"prot", "pwd" - then it says:

(?@ New connection from
(?@ Logout

And it has this a few times in a row.

The thing is, is the DIP. is the VIP. is the router IP (which is NAT'ing for the client, so 
effectively the CIP).

What seems to be happening is that it's correctly connecting to the FTP 
server initially, but then it's wrongly connecting as the director with 
the DIP half-way through.

This is probably, based on when it's happening, when the client is 
making a connection to the passive port range. But, the thing is, for 
that even be reaching the FTP server, the firewall marks must be 
working, as that's what LVS is using to redirect to the FTP server.

But it hasn't got the correct IP address.

Why's this happening? And how would I fix it?

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