[lvs-users] Windows Servers 2012 in LVS/DR and LVS/TUN Clusters

GANGLOFF Stephane NEURONES IT Stephane.GANGLOFF at cea.fr
Fri Jan 13 09:35:26 GMT 2017

After some researches I found the Wiki page for real Windows server in LVS cluster. Windows server 2012 also need to enable weakhostsend and weakhostrecieve on interfaces.
http://www.loadbalancer.org/blog/direct-server-return-on-windows-2008-using-loopback-adpter is still up to date for Windows Server 2012 but now you can modify interfaces via Powershell.

Here are the Powershell commands :
Set-NetIpInterface -InterfaceAlias loopback -WeakHostRecieve enabled -WeakHostSend enabled
Set-NetIpInterface -InterfaceAlias ethernet -WeakHostRecieve enabled

Verifying your settings :
Get-NetIpInterface -InterfaceAlias loopback | FL *

Best regards,

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