[lvs-users] netmask for vip?

Aaron West aaron at loadbalancer.org
Sun Jun 18 09:30:22 BST 2017

Hi Linbo,

I assume you mean on the loopback adapter? If so then use a
or /32 for safety, not all OS's may need it as there can be many ways to
make it not respond to ARP, however, this also helps as you are telling the
OS it's a single address.

Or do you mean the "netmask" in the ldirectord config which affects
persistence? When this is at the default of persistence
will work per source address so and would get
stuck to different servers. If you set then they would both
hit the same server as persistence would work by subnet so the whole subnet would be stuck to the first server.

Hope that's relevant to your question and makes sense...

Aaron West

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On 18 June 2017 at 01:16, linbo liao <llbgurs at gmail.com> wrote:

> If vip from subnet, and no netmask support in
> configuration, the default netmask is I test default
> netmask, looks everything works fine.
> So what's the proper netmask for vip, or
> Thanks,
> Linbo
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