[lvs-users] LVS "Passthrough"

Owain Jones Owain at 4ColourDigital.com
Tue Sep 26 10:21:59 BST 2017

Hi folks,

Whilst I've got LVS up and running for load balancing services amongst 
realservers that come in on the VIP, this effectively disables access to 
that node on its non-VIP (RIP) LAN address.

Is there a way to specify a "passthrough" for these non-VIP packets, so 
that local LAN communications can just "pass through" LVS untouched?

I have some cluster control software that intercommunicates between the 
nodes on the LAN - it always uses the RIP and not the VIP - and I'd like 
RIP-based packets to just be delivered normally to the node, only the 
VIP needs the load balancing.


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