[lvs-users] LVS "Passthrough"

Owain Jones Owain at 4ColourDigital.com
Tue Sep 26 14:47:25 BST 2017

On 26/09/2017 11:59, Ferenc Wágner wrote:
> Owain Jones <Owain at 4ColourDigital.com> writes:
>> Whilst I've got LVS up and running for load balancing services amongst
>> realservers that come in on the VIP, this effectively disables access to
>> that node on its non-VIP (RIP) LAN address.
> In general there shouldn't be any problems with that: I certainly can
> access my DR-ed real servers via their RIP addresses.  Maybe you should
> describe your setup to help us understand the situation.
Ah, yes. I appear to have confused myself with my own security measures. 
I forbade access to certain resources, while I was setting it up and I'd 
not undone them since. The "connection refused" is my own firewall 
policies, not LVS.

Sorry. I've been an idiot there. Carry on and pretend like nothing happened.


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