[lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] keepalived 2.0.1

Alexandre Cassen acassen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 18:23:03 BST 2018


New release, with some updates and extensions.

This code can be found on www.keepalived.org website or on 

ChangeLog for this release is :

2018-06-04 Quentin Armitage <quentin at armitage.org.uk>
	* keepalived-2.0.1
	* Remove '\n' characters from log_message() text.
	* Allow IPv6 ip rules to be specified using fwmarks.
	* Fix configure generation of keepalived.spec file.
	* Stop rebuilding scheduler.o every make.
	* Remove ' characters from configure args in keepalived -v
	* Remove duplicate reporting of network namespace in config
	* Add ${_INSTANCE} config parameter.
	* Remove debugging log message.
	* Recalculate max_fd used for select if it should reduce.
	* Add tracking of virtual routes.
	  If a virtual route is deleted, by default to vrrp instance
	  will now transition to backup mode, and if it transitions to
	  master again the route will be re-added. If an interface on
	  which a route is configured is down, then the instance will go
	  to fault state, since the route cannot be added.
	  This commit also adds a no-track option for routes, which
	  means that deletion of the route will not cause the vrrp
	  instance to transition to backup.
	* Handle interface down at startup with tracked route configured
	  on it. If a virtual route which is tracked is configured on an
	  interface that is down at startup, then the vrrp instance
	  needs to start in fault state.
	* Rename netlink_reflect_filter() to netlink_link_filter()
	  The function only handles RTM_NEWLINK/RTM_DELLINK messages and
	  there are other functions to handle other message types.
	* Fix compilation warning.
	* Make recreating deleted VMACs work.
	* Fix Travis-CI compilation failure and warning.
	* Stop duplicate definition and duplicate include in
	* Add new ip rule options for Linux 4.17
	  FRA_DPORT_RANGE have been added in Linux 4.17.


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