[lvs-users] cannot start master/backup daemon Centos 7

Julian Anastasov ja at ssi.bg
Wed Jun 27 08:19:55 BST 2018


On Tue, 26 Jun 2018, Phillip Moore wrote:

> Ok, well I figured this out. From 6 -> 7 the sync process names changed.
> Turns out.. they were already running.
> 6 was [ipvs_syncmaster] and [ipvs_syncbackup]
> 7 is now [ipvs-m:0:0] and [ipvs-b:0:0]

	Yes, the support for many sync threads and ports...

> > # ipvsadm --start-daemon master --mcast-interface vlan1101 --syncid 1
> > No such device or address

	Also, ipvsadm up to v1.29 can print wrong error messages.
It is fixed [1] but not yet in release. You have to get it from git:


	You should see such error:

{ ipvs_start_daemon, EEXIST, "Daemon has already run" }

    ipvsadm: catch the original errno from netlink answer
    nl_recvmsgs_default() returns NLE_* error codes and not
    errno values. As result, attempt to delete virtual service
    returns NLE_OBJ_NOTFOUND (12) which matches the ENOMEM value.
    Problem as reported by Emanuele Rocca:
    ipvsadm -D -t example.org:80
    Memory allocation problem
    Fix it by providing generic error handler to catch the errno
    value as returned in netlink answer. By this way all netlink
    commands will get proper error string. The problem is present
    only when ipvsadm is compiled with libnl.
    ipvsadm -D -t example.org:80
    No such service


Julian Anastasov <ja at ssi.bg>

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