[lvs-users] RR on browser

Paulo Cesar da Silva pcsneoh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 16:09:50 GMT 2020

Hello guys!

The round robin algorithm doesn't working correctly on my browser!

If I use curl on my LVS Cluster, the Round Robin algorithm works fine, but,
if I use my browser, when I refresh my browser, it takes a lot of time
until change the server.

Do you anything about this issue? I think that is something about cache,
but I not sure about that.

NOTE: Using Haproxy, the behaviour is different, actually, is the behaviour
that I expect, rs.

I refresh the page on my browser, and the rr algo works fine, first show me
the index of the first server, refresh again, shows me the index of the
other server.

Someone has some answer for this issue?

Thanks you guys!

Sorry about the description, my english is in progress =)

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